Ilka & Tim

These two wonderful souls complete each other so sweetly and shone through all the confetti, flowers, cake and
wedding bliss on this wild, beautiful, magical day! It was an honour to share it with them. 
It's pure joy to see so much love in those special, little moments and this day was filled with so many of them.

Wishing them even more travel adventures, time with their loved ones and wonderful stories. 


Elena & Maurus

Countless smiles were captured on this stunning couple'd wedding day! Elena & Maurus embodied
style and class while having the biggest garden party in the mountains. A truly magical spectacle
filled with special moments during this three day occasion. Dreamy from start to end and I'm wishing them
more happy moments like these throughout their doubtlessly beautiful life together!

Anne & Nikolas

Where love found a way from Berlin via Hong Kong to London...

Anne & Nikolas started their day on a very grey and rainy note but as soon as the ceremony in the church was over the
clouds paved a path for the sunshine, which lasted long enough for the two of them to enjoy their sunny car ride, drinks on
the terrace and some time in an open field of green before the skies turned grey again... But there was no turning off those
bright smiles on the dance floor!


Esmee & Daniel

A wonderful summer garden wedding in Holland of two very dear friends who's beautiful bond
has stayed strong since they were at school together in England.
May their love last through many more years! 


Lisa & Soodip

Glimpses of a magical, rainy day of two lovely people who found one another in the beautiful landscapes of Nepal.
The glances they stole at each other could have melted anyone's heart! 
Two hearts became one when the morning fire of Nepal and the evening sun of Germany met.
So much love for all their future adventures and people who's lives they will touch.


Svenja & Johannes

A rainy day turned into a joyful celebration with so many happy tears! 
These two swept everyone up in their infectuous happiness...
We braced the wind and rain on a peer with smiles and everyone danced late into the night or drank Champagne overlooking the lake.

Marie & Malte

Marie & Malte met in the maths building of their university which is also the place where Malte proposed! 
Some years and two beautiful babies later, they celebrated their Greek and German wedding among many friends and family,
in three languages, and it was a pleasure to see the love and joy they share with each other and their loved ones!


Anneka & Dennis

A fusion of two wild hearts, a flower garden and a confetti street party describes the colourful day
these love birds shared. Everyone kicked off their shoes and danced their hearts out on this magical summer day! 


Peli & Mike

A hot summer day in the Bavarian countryside was the setting to Peli & Mike`s wonderful day. 
Surrounded by horses and dozens of cats they celebrated with their friends and families!