Hi, my name is Julia, 

... and I'm a photographer based in Berlin. I have been getting my hands dirty in art and nature since I can remember, always creating and discovering new things.
I enjoy messy things, real moments, rooftop city views, the colour of waves crashing on the shore, untouched wilderness, cakes, goofy people, road trips, clothes that smell of bonfire, and hiding away in nature with my closest friends.

My first camera was an old polaroid camera that made me feel like a rock star photographer when I was a kid, and I took pictures of everything (much to the annoyance of my parents who had to buy all the pricey film).
Later as a teenager I started to develop some film in the darkroom at school and was completely captured by the pure magic.

Now I chase that perfect last light of the day, trying to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, and the calm in the chaos. I love shooting raw beauty, honest love and moments that mean everything.
It's a beautiful thing to give moments a way to live on forever.

How I work? Like a poem or a novel, I will capture and tell your story. Whether it's on a mountain top, or in front of your friends and family, I will be there to document each chapter.
The raw little moments and the big explosive emotions, or simply a tiny glimpse, a millisecond that means everything.

I look forward to meeting you!